My name is Thomas Gossner and I’m an innovation designer based in London, UK and Munich, Germany.

I never thought of design in a way of just making things beautiful. I’m rather fascinated by inventing new products and solutions, creating unconventional and unique concepts and giving things a shape that makes people fall in love with them.

So far I worked on independent projects as well as cooperation projects with companies such as BSH, Allianz and Intel. Through these projects and my work as a freelance designer and founder of Lobster Studios I was able to develop diverse competencies such as visual and service design as well as the forming of highly innovative teams.

I studied Industrial Design at the Hochschule München and Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art and the Imperial College London.

More about my work can be found on Dezeen, Designboom or Yanko Design. For any questions, more details or collaborations please contact me, I would love to speak to you in person.